Work Permits

Statement of intent to employ a minor and request for a work permit – certificate of age

Students who attend Sweetwater Union High School District are required to obtain a work permit if they are under 18 years old, and have secured paid employment. The work permit is required by CA Education Code and is enforced by the CA State Labor Department.  Sweetwater Union High School District students must meet and maintain 2.0 G.P.A. (grade point average) and attend school regularly and on time to obtain and keep a work permit.

Students who have graduated from high school are not required to have a work permit.

Work permits will be processed at the school site where the SUHSD student is enrolled and attends.  Charter and private school students may obtain a work permit from their school where they are enrolled and attend.

Process for SUHSD students to obtain a Work Permit

  1. Download the SUHSD Form No. B1-1(intent to employ form)
  2. Complete the SUHSD Form No. B1-1. Make sure it has BOTH employer AND parent signatures and information, and your social security number.
  3. Bring complete SUHSD Form No. B1-1 to your counselor, Mr. Acosta
  4. Your attendance and academic records will be reviewed to determine eligibility.
  5. Your Work Permit will be processed within 1-2 days if you meet district attendance and academic requirements.
  6. Ms. Rosales will print your work permit. Now all you have to do is take it to your employer.

The employer MUST keep your work permit at the work site.

Work permits must be renewed each year at the start of school, or if employment changes.

For more information, visit the district website: