Principal’s Message

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to our school, Options Secondary School (OSS). We are proud to provide an opportunity to many students and families looking for a personal approach to education, one that could only be found at a smaller school setting. We are small, yet provide many of the opportunities students normally experience at a traditional setting. Most traditional schools are so large that it is easy to get lost. At Options Secondary School (OSS) our students excel in and out of the classroom.

We provide academic rigor with our A-G curriculum for students grades 7-12. Our students are provided iPads to incorporate technology into student learning as required with Common Core. Our 7th graders participate in the annual trek to San Diego State University for the COMPACT FOR SUCCESS college visit. Our students are eligible for admission to SDSU via the COMPACT agreement. We provide a wide variety of club and school activities such as: ASB (Associated Student Body), fundraising, social clubs, dances, Senior Prom, Senior Disneyland Grad Night, Yearbook Club, and Guitar classes, as well as ROP Engineering and Retail Sales classes, etc.

We celebrate higher education by wearing college attire every Wednesday, display our teacher’s academic/college background in each classroom. We promote school unity and school spirit by wearing our school colors every Friday. Our school colors are blue and white.

Every Friday, students and staff participate in fun ASB lunchtime activities and all winners are recognized with admiration, applause and treats. They love it!

The Options Secondary School (OSS) staff is involved in ensuring our school works with students when troubled and when student are experiencing personal crisis’ either at school or at home. Every day staff greet students at our bus stop/student drop off, and at the end of each day, staff walk students to the bus stop/student pick up location. School safety is of upmost importance to everyone at Options Secondary Schools (OSS).

You will find Options Secondary School (OSS) warm and inviting. You will recognize that you have come to the right place to learn and to work towards your high school graduation, and preparation for college.

Welcome to your new home!

Ms. Lopez